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Flash-Tite Roof Flashings
Flash-Tite roof flashings feature a two part, telescoping design to ensure a water tight seal even under conditions of roof deck sagging, deflection or compression. Flash-Tite Flashings have few, if any, joints that might rupture under stress and are all equipped with an extra wide flashing flange to ensure a permanent and effective seal to the roofing membrane.

Maxxflo Drain Seals
Maxxflo Retrofit Roof Drain Seals are used to seal retrofit roof drains to existing drainpipes rapidly and efficiently. Compared to traditional retrofit roof drain seals, Maxxflo offers a significantly faster installation, equal assured total compression, maximum water flow and its own tool consisting of a ratchet twister with cross pin for easy installation.

Roof Hatches
When we first started making hatches 45 years ago, we insulated them similar to the roofs of that day. Now, times have changed and most office roofs are being insulated to at least an R-20 insulation value. Lexcor is proud to be the first company to offer its roof hatches fully insulated to this level, as well as offer its time tested and proven standard and custom models.

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